Reuse of the waste

Valorization of the waste

  • Innovation in recycling of waste
  • Cost-effectiveness of waste
  • Protect the environment


Bayle is committed to the protection of the environment and is developing, through an exclusive partnership, a system for the valorization of your waste.

Bayle is partnering with a research laboratory to offer you a new solution for waste management and recycling.

Thanks to an exclusive recycling technology, you can enhance feathers, feet, blood, intestine but also the heads. Our recycling solution will allow you to reduce your waste by up to 90% of its volume.

The valorization of waste is achieved through a simplified recycling principle which, after several stages of processing, will transform all your waste into a thin powder of recycled waste.

This waste powder can be valorized by resale to petfood, fish farming or fertilizer actors.

Take action for the environment while optimizing and enhancing your waste.

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