Key dates

Depuis 1932, BAYLE ne cesse d'innover des outils de plus en plus performants.


Creation of society

Jean-Pierre BAYLE founded the company by developing the dry plucking machines “Ideal JB”. The first patents are filed in VERNAY LA FOUILLOUSE(42)


The 60's

Innovation & Export

More efficient equipment is being developed. The development of a water plucking system is underway. This is the beginning of exports to Europe.

The 70's

Expert in plucking systems

BAYLE increases its plucking expertise with the launch of the first counter-rotating plucking machines.

The 70's

The 80's

Launch of COMPACT line

Jean-pierre BAYLE imagines and designs the very first ready-to-use processing line. This is the launch of the “COMPACT LINE”, real revolution in the poultry processing market.

Bayle develops in the Algerian market thanks to this innovative solution.


Asia Pacific office

The global presence is strengthened by the opening of a commercial office in Kuala Lumpur.

Bayle’s influence in Asia Pacific is growing.



Duck development

The first line of foie gras duck on conveyors are installed. The company develops the first robotic dry plucking machine of the PAS range as well as the wax sets


Automation of the chicken equipment

The first automatic chicken evisceration lines are installed.



Technological innovations

Bayle integrates new technologies on the COMPACT line. New efficient models are launched.


Launch of the new plucking machine

Thanks to its know-how, a new range of the latest generation of plucking machines is emerging. The PGT line is launched.



The 4th generation takes over the family torch

Arrival of Pierre-Edouard and Louis-Georges BAYLE at the head of the company


New factory

Construction & Inauguration of the new production plant. Located in La Fouillouse, the new 4,700m2 production plant has doubled Bayle’s production capacity.



Innovation duck process

Bayle has become one of the leaders in the duck market thanks to the development of a new innovative process for the slaughter of fat or lean palmipeds.


Pekin duck automatic line

Installation of fully automated Pekin duck processing line of 5,000ducks/hour



North America office

Opening of a United States trade office and development of American market.


Launch of Bayle Smart Control

Launch of our supervision system Bayle Smart Control which allows you to control and monitor your poultry slaughtering process.


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