Semi automatic evisceration

Manual evisceration console

  • Semi-automatic
  • Various configurations available


The PEMOL is specifically designed for low to medium rate slaughterhouses.

The manual evisceration console ensures your operator a comfortable working position thanks to its built-in seat frame.

Made in stainless steel, the console has a manual height adjustment system and a simple solution for changing knives.

The PEMOL must work with a vacuum system.

The PEMOL is available in several configurations that will suit your needs.

Semi-automatic evisceration console

  • Personalized configuration
  • Working comfort


Essential in slaughterhouses with a manual evisceration stage, we offer a complete range of evisceration consoles including various options according to your needs.

Designed in stainless steel, our evisceration sets consist of a working platform and transport belt of viscera. To ensure working comfort for operators our evisceration sets are available in several configurations to fit your slaughterhouses.  

Manual final control

  • Manual tool
  • Several models


The final control is a manual tool for poultry evisceration.

Several models are available depending on the type of poultry worked (turkeys or chickens)

Made in stainless steel

Manual vent cutter & pneumatic cutter

  • Manual tools
  • Vacuum & Air pneumatic


The vent cutter gun is a recommended manual evisceration tool for low to medium rate units

The vent cutter gun works with a vacuum system and pneumatic air.

The pneumatic evisceration cutter works with compressed air. Designed in stainless steel, it is recommended for low to medium rate units.

Easy to use, this equipment ensures a working ease for your operators.

Feet unloading machine

  • Automation of process
  • Adjustable to all poutry


The conveyor feet unloading system is located on the overhead conveyor after the leg cutting stage.

The feet are recovered from the transport belt or channel for further processing.

The automatic feet unloading machine is made in stainless steel and is easily cleanable to maintain a good level of hygiene in your production unit.

Available in several configurations, the feet unloading machine fits your needs and applications. It is adaptable and usable for all types of poultry.



Leg cutter

  • Leg cutter on conveyor
  • Several configurations available
  • All types of poultry


The conveyor leg cutting system adapts your poultry processing line. Available in angle version for 90° or 180° positioning of the overhead conveyor, it is also possible to position it on a straight section of the line.

The leg cutter allows cutting with or without tarsul thanks to a chain wheel and circular blade.

The simple steering system makes it easy to adjust between batches.

The leg cutter is available in several configurations which allows treatment of all poultry

Made in stainless steel, the leg cutter is easily cleanable to ensure optimal hygiene of your units



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