Expert in plucking solutions since 1932

For more than 85 years, Bayle has been developing plucking solutions for poultry that are worldwide recognized for their efficiency and robustness.

With this know-how, Bayle offers two plucking technologies: a range of counter-rotative pluckers, which is the most complete range currently available on the market, and a range of vertical disk machines that are more suitable for the finishing stage.

All plucking machines are available for all types of poultry and for production capacity up to 8 000 poultry/hour.

Bayle is one of the leading duck equipment companies and we have a wide range of solutions specifically adapted to the different duck categories with high-efficiency plucking results on palmipeds. This level of performance on duck plucking is due in particular to the development of our wax process which allows for optimal finishing while maintaining a high quality of finished products.

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