A complete range for chilling stage

Bayle adapts to your needs by offering you various solutions for chilling your poultry.

The chilling process is an important stage that will affect the appearance and visual quality of your finished product.

Depending on your capacity, our air chilling solutions include static or dynamic chilling processes suitable for all types of poultry.

Our complete range of air chilling allows you to cool poultry quickly by evaporating skin moisture. The air-cooling stage of the poultry is all the more important because efficiently chilled poultry will make it easy to cut for an optimal end product result for the consumer.

Bayle also offers water chilling solutions that are available for all types of poultry. However, the cold-water chilling process is mainly used for poultry intended for freezing.

Our experts will advise you and assist you in the study of the best solution according to your requirements, but also in order to adapt your projects to your budget.

Nos experts vous conseillent et vous accompagnent dans l’étude de la solution la plus performante en fonction de vos exigences, mais également afin de vous proposer des projets adaptés à votre budget.

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