Feet processing

Feet cutter

  • Cutting of the feet on a conveyor belt
  • Different customizable configurations
  • Multi-product efficiency


The conveyorized feet cutting system can be adapted to your slaughter units and line configuration. Available in an angle version for a 90 or 180 positioning of the overhead conveyor, it is also possible to position it on a straight section of the line.

The feet cutter allows cutting with or without the tarsus thanks to a system of notched plates and circular blades.

The simplified adjustment system by handwheel makes this equipment easily adaptable between batches.

The feet cutter is available in several configurations to handle all types of poultry.

Made of stainless steel, the feet cutter is easy to clean to ensure optimal hygiene of your units.

Unhook feet

  • Automation of the process
  • All types of poultry


The feet unhooking system allows the unhooking of the feet from the conveyor. This equipment is placed on the conveyor after the feet cutting step.

The feet are collected on belts or in the troughs to be processed later.

The automatic feet remover is made of stainless steel and is easily cleaned to maintain a good level of hygiene in your production units.

Available in several configurations, the feet catcher adapts to your needs and applications. It is adaptable and can be used for all categories of poultry.

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