Duck plucking solutions

  • Combined technologies
  • High efficiency
  • Reliability of equipment


The duck plucking is a delicate step that requires mastery and know-how in order to obtain finished products in perfect condition.

Our expertise on the plucking stage allows a high-efficiency plucking solution thanks to our counter-rotating plucker.

Our range of counter-rotating pluckers consists of several models known worldwide for their efficiency and reliability. Thanks to a specific technology, pluckers remove a maximum of feathers in a minimum of time, without compromising the quality of the product.

We know that palmipeds are difficult to pluck, that is why we recommend combining our two plucking technologies to achieve optimal results.

The counter-rotating pluckers are combined with the vertical disc pluckers. This second technology is used in the second phase because it is finishing equipment. It will enable you to work on specific areas such as hocks.

Result performance: the wax process

  • Perfect plucking result
  • Duck specific process
  • Recycling of the wax


Palmipeds are birds whose plucking requires good know-how to obtain perfect results. Their waterproof feathers and their down make them particularly difficult to pluck.

That is why, the duck plucking process requires very specific equipment.

In the duck slaughterhouses, the wax finishing process is therefore the essential means of obtaining an optimal result, both on dry plucking lines and on water plucking lines.

We offer a complete duck wax finishing plucking process which consists of various stages which are: soaking, cooling wax, stripping and all steps of wax recycling.

Each of these stages requires its own machine. Available in several configurations, our equipment can be adapted to your needs and requirements. 

Our sales team will assist you with the most efficient wax process configuration according to your expectations and the type of energy chosen.

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