Compact 1000

Compact line 1000

  • Ready-to-use processing line
  • Optimized bulk
  • Up to 1000/H


The Compact 1000 is a “ready-to-use” processing line that allow speeds of up to 1000/hour.

The COMPACT 1000 is mainly recommended for chicken processing, it meets the latest in hygiene and quality requirements in poultry processing. Made in stainless steel, all components of the compact are easily accessible to ensure a good cleanability.

The COMPACT line allows for the integration of all the necessary stages for the slaughtering of poultry, from stunning to plucking, in a small bulk.

Several options are available on this COMPACT 1000 range.

Our sales teams will assist you in the selection of the COMPACT line the most suitable to your slaughterhouse project.

The standard size of the COMPACT 1000 are: L 16.56m x W 2.205m x H 2.15m

Thanks to its optimized dimensions the COMPACT 1000 can be delivered by a 40’ shipping container.

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