Chicken scalding solution

  • Optimized cleaning
  • Controlled temperature
  • Best plucking quality


The scalding stage is an important step in poultry processing, It ensures a perfect plucking result and must therefore be carefully prepared.

We have various technologies for the scalding of poultry by agitated water or water fall system.

We recommend the use of an air tank for the scalding of chickens.

Our scalding tanks with the agitated water system ensure constant water temperature control for an optimal result.

Our scalding tanks are available in several lengths and can be adapted to your needs. Our sales team is at your disposal to advise you on the scalding time, temperature and energy to choose according to your requirements.

Palmipeds scalding solutions

  • Duck process
  • Controlled temperature
  • Plucking performance


The category of palmipeds is a type of poultry that is particularly difficult to pluck. That is why we offer an entire range of solutions for a complete and efficient duck plucking stage.

In order to prepare the feathers and epidermis of the duck at the plucking stage, we have developed a scalding process adapted to the specific characteristics of the palmipeds.

Composed of pre-scalding solutions and water fall tanks, we offer our expertise to achieve effective results.

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