Cut-up machines

Cutting saw

  • Manual process 
  • Low production rate


The manual cutting saw is recommended for “on-farm” poultry slaughterhouses.

Available in several configurations, the manual cutting saw is small and can be easily integrated even in units with very limited space.

The blades are easily reachable for cleaning and handling


Cone cutting table

  • All types of poultry
  • Low & medium rate


The cut-up of poultry has become a very important step on the poultry processing plant.

In order to meet your needs regardless of your production capacity, our offer various cut-up solutions adapted to all types of poultry.

From a simple stainless steel cutting table to the more specific tables with fixed cones, we will be able to offer you equipment adapted to your working method and production capacity.

The cone cutting tables are available in several configurations, we will be able to advise you on the most suitable option for your production units.

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