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New - Water-bath stunning

A new water-bath stunning with innovative functionnality

Bayle innovates and develops a new multi-type stunning tray with innovative features.

  • Respect for animal welfare: In order to guarantee animal welfare and to comply with the 2009/1099 regulation on this important subject, we have developed a system of access doors to prevent drowning by rapidly stalling poultry in case of a chain stop
  • Optimized cleaning: Thanks to a clever door system, the water-bath is fully accessible to allow a deeply cleaning. The access doors are mounted on electric hinges to ensure the safety of operators during the stunning stage. The water-bath also has a removable and openwork grate for easy cleaning.
  • Ease of adjustment: The set of tray settings are made by hydraulic cyclinders to ensure a precise and fast adjustment.
  • Water-bath for all types of poultry: Thanks to the setting of the water height from 620mm to 1350mm, allowing the passage of all types of poultry, from the smallest poultry to the biggest, ensuring an effective daze.
  • Adjustment of the usable stunning area: In order to adjust your water-bath to your different production rates due to the seasonality of some of your products, the new water-bath allows the adjustment of the usable stunning area from 1350mm to 2700mm. This adjustment is done manually with a sliding plate. By adjustment of the usable stunning area according to your production rate, your ensure your poultry the ideal time to pass throught the water-bath and therefore the perfect daze.
  • Enhanced security: Our mission is to constantly improve the safety of our equipment, our new water-bath stunner is designed with safety cheeks allowing the safety of operators by removing the risk of electrocution. The access doors are also secured thanks ti their electric hinges, which ensure that the electrical current stops when it opened.