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FLEXEVI-DJB: New linear cropping machine

The R&D department has developed an evisceration modular base for poultry slaughterhouses working at speed up to 800/h.

Designed on the technical principle of the brushless X-Y table which allows the adjustment of the speed of rotation of the tools and the machine on the speed chain, the modular base allows to obtain excellent evisceration results.

The first version of the FLEXEVI was developed with a cropper tool allowing to propose to the poultry slaughterhouses a concrete solution in the improvement of their working conditions thanks to the elimination of the annoyance of the cropping stage.

The functionnalities of the FLEXEVI-DJB:

Automation of cropping stage: The FLEXEVI-DJB brings a real working comfort to the operators by removing the annoyance of this step thanks to automation of the cropping stage.

Multi-species machine: In a flexible equipment approach that can meet the various need of the market, The tool stroke of FLEXEVI-DJB has been designed in order to be able to offer an efficient and qualitative cropping on the majority of poultry species, from the smallest chicken to the smallest turkeys. The FLEXEVI-DJB has a tool stroke up to 730mm.

Adapting speeds: The adjustment of rotational speed of gimlets is very important to achieve an efficient cropping according to the conveyor speed and the type of poultry being worked. For an optimal result the tools have dedicated motors for their rotation which allows to synchronize with the speed of the air conveyor to define the correct speed. This also allows you to propose the stop or reverse rotation when lifting the tools.

High cleanability brush system: In order to meet the strict hygiene requirements of slaughterhouses today, our machine has a fully accessible brushes system for optimal cleaning. The brushes that equip these machine are also designed to have excellent cleanability.

Water/Air option on gimlets: To obtain even more quality finished products, an option to inject water and/or air on the gimlet during the cropping action is available. This system allows to crop while preserving the neck bar and neck skin.

Machine 6" or 8" :  Available in 8".